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Denso TT Spark Plugs


We're proud to be able to offer the full current range of Denso TT (twin tip) spark plugs. We have limited stocks of high quality Denso branded spark plug wire feeler guage/gapping tools which we are giving away to the first fifty customers to order four or more Denso TT spark plugs!!

Please use our Advanced Search to identify a suitable TT spark plug for your vehicle (where available).


Benefits include:

  •       7 initial part numbers covering up to 80% UK car parc
  •       Up to 5% improved fuel efficiency whilst offering the same duty cycles as Standard Plugs
  •       Enhanced environmental benefits – TT, the ecologically sound Spark Plug, reduces carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon emissions when compared to Standard Spark Plugs. CO2 emissions are lowered by as much as 2%
  •       Improved performance, with better acceleration and overall output. Engine runs smoothly even under extreme operating conditions (cold climate, poor fuel quality)
  •       World’s first aftermarket-only ‘twin tip’ spark plugs - Highly ignitable and durable
  •       Best value for money performance plug – cheaper life cycle costs than Standard Plugs
  •       An even more attractive opportunity for mechanics and vehicle owners alike
  •       The future in Spark Plug technology


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